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Guoren Intelligent Science and Technology Industry Incorporation ceremony held in Jiangsu Province

文章Views: 125160 发布Date: 2018-07-13

On July 11, 2018, the launching ceremony of Guoren science, technology and intelligent communication industry was held in Jiangsu Province. Participating in the event were local government leaders, the chairman of the board of directors of the Huada Brothers Science and Technology Group, the vice chairman of the Global Alliance of small and medium Enterprises, the president of Taiwan's Promotion of Friendship with Foreign countries, the leader of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Beidou, and Korean and Japanese technical experts. More than 300 people attended. The event was highlighted by domestic media such as People's Daily, CCTV, people's Network, Xinhua Daily, Yangzi Evening News, Modern KuaiBao and other mainstream media. This activity revolves around the launching ceremony of the project and the introduction of the Guoren smartphone project. At the meeting, Professor Feng Jun, technical director of the National Science, Technology and Intelligent Communications Co., Ltd., introduced the characteristics and applications of the Guoren smartphone technology. At the same time, he signed a contract with the Vice Chairman of the Global Alliance of small and medium Enterprises for the purchase of Guoren smartphones, set up an academician workstation with the Beidou Cloud Computing Analysis Center of the Guoren Academy of Sciences, and signed a project investment cooperation with the President of the World Friendship Promotion in Taiwan. We will build a national cloud computing information base and create the most influential high-tech intelligent communications industry park in the country. The Guoren smart business phone is a new generation of smart business phone, which has been developed for many years by the Wada Brothers Technology Group and the international technical team. It is fully compatible with modern similar smartphones. At the same time, with 29 million screen resolution, 8G, 8-core 256G memory as the core, full voice work, a sentence can be used for five-level conversion mode, high error correction text embedded in the picture editing system, file format can be transformed and edited at will; 17 million-pixel ultra-high resolution camera system, photos with bright and attractive colors; high-fidelity stereo playback function to sing along with the call; random language translation system, no matter where you are able to translate; it has all the features of high-end mobile phones Office and business activities like a computer; online banking, online movies, online games, travel abroad automatic translation, intelligent family control, etc., Guoren smart business mobile phone is fully compatible; Just one gesture to take a picture can leave you a beautiful moment.Guoren smart business mobile phone is a very epoch-making high-end business mobile phone, sensitive touch no Caton, smooth call, convenient operation, is the best communication equipment for successful people. At present, Guoren smart business phones have been sent to the country for CCC certification. At the same time, with the international technical team will enter the field of 5G communications, open a new chapter in intelligent communications. Guoren smart business mobile phone research and development came out, for the early realization of science and technology power, science and technology renaissance, the creation of national brands to contribute to our strength.