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Product Name: HuaDa Brothers 200KW super permanent magnet generator

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Huada brothers developed a high-tech products, from 2.2kW, 10kW to 100kW, 200kW volume in the world the smallest, lightest super permanent magnet special generator series products. For example, the 200KW generator at home and abroad, almost all products in more than 1 tons. We have only 268 kg weight, a lot of light, the size is reduced by 2/3, only 186 of the torque can be driven by 200KW generator. Now on the market at home and abroad, with similar types of products to 860 torque. In contrast to starting and running it on very easily, it can save a lot of energy starting materials, unique performance and superiority of its products is very significant. In the case of equal power, low noise, easy to move, simple operation, more stable operation, low failure rate, safe and durable, green environmental protection. The generator has been through rigorous testing Chinese certification and inspection group Beijing Co. Ltd ", in full compliance with national standards, and issued a formal inspection certificate in September 29, 2015.
Its significance lies in can in all need a generator of water, land and space specific equipment, saving valuable space area, lightening the load weight, greatly saves the start and the consumption of energy, and improve the performance of equipment. Super permanent magnet special generator series products can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, rural villages and towns, petroleum exploration, family farms, residential quarters, the island plateau, ships, aviation and various equipment such as. Is a sign of motor industry upgrading products, have economic value and great development prospects.
In the development strategy of our country along the way, the power shortage in Pakistan, Laos and other countries of our super permanent magnetic special generator is very popular and embassy officials said to place large orders with you. Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and other countries will have to install it on the boat, to reduce fuel consumption of a voyage to greatly extend the set sail on time and mileage. We specially designed successfully developed 100KW, 200KW turbine and diesel engine.