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Product Name: HuaDa Brothers first zero emissions of 150 thousand kilowatts air power field

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project introduction


Huada brother Technology Co., Ltd. in under the leadership of the board of directors Fengjun chairman (which is also the company of high-tech projects inventor), after 15 years of hard work and thousands of experiments, independent innovation has made series in the world high-tech cutting-edge technology, to fill the world on a number of scientific and technological gap, and access to a number of national invention patents, utility model patents and EU certification.
Patterson brothers Polytron Technologies Inc of major scientific research achievements and the main business:
Air power generator and distributed new energy power plant
Household air powered engine group
Super special permanent magnet generator series products
Super lithium battery mixed stone
Wheel type generator car
The car driving motor and vehicle power automatic converter etc.
Mr. Feng led the research team also developed the no axial magnetic levitation generator, no wear of automobile clutch, can achieve more than 800 km of magnetic levitation trains per hour running series of high-tech achievements will also be developed. Patterson brothers efforts in scientific exploration and innovation on the road, he is round the clock. Mr. Feng Jun, the company named "Patterson brothers", meaning "for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and work around" and "Germany to make friends, for the benefit of mankind" lofty goals and vision.
General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "the innovation of science and technology is the first productive force of social development",
The development of science and technology is endless. In this era of change rapidly, we will strive to create Chinese brand, continue to create new miracles! With excellent social and economic benefits for the realization of the great Chinese dream and make greater contributions for the benefit of mankind!